• NUK Genius Silicone.

    Extra soft and with a natural shape: the NUK Genius Soother is modelled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds. Its flattened shape leaves plenty of room for natural sucking movements of the tongue.

  • NUK Genius Latex.

    Naturally soothing: the NUK Genius Latex is extremely soft and flexible which makes it particularly kind to teeth. Also available in size 0 for delicate newborns from 0-2 months.

  • NUK Bottle Cleanser.

    So gentle but still spick and span: the NUK Bottle Cleanser removes milk, juice and puree using an enzyme-based method and can be rinsed away completely. For thoroughly clean bottles and accessories.

  • NUK First Choice Baby Bottle with First Choice Plus Teat.

    Relaxed drinking without swallowing air: the baby bottles with the naturally-shaped First Choice Teat are optimally suited for when you bottle feed as well as breastfeed.

  • NUK Vapo Rapid Steam Steriliser.

    Hygienically clean at the push of a button: the NUK Vapo Rapid uses steam to sterilise up to 6 bottles and accessories at one time. Without chemicals and in record time.

  • NUK Trendline Soother.

    For trend followers: the Trendline Soother, with its large flat button for holding, comes in different fashionable colours and designs. Naturally, with the NUK Shape that is right for the jaw.

  • NUK Cooling Teething Ring Set.

    Calms babies: the NUK Cooling Teething Ring’s high-quality synthetic material is bite-resistant and helps make teething easier for your baby, even after the sixth month too.

  • NUK Ultra Dry Comfort Breast Pads.

    For a good feeling all round: the soft, breathable inner fabric with its long-term moisture retention makes them extremely absorbent and so comfortable.

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Everything is new

Вдруг все изменилось. Когда в нашей жизни появляется ребенок, нас переполняет ощущение счастья. Он полностью переворачивает наш мир, а у большинства родителей сразу возникает масса вопросов. Правильно ли я все делаю? Это нормально? А что будет дальше? Мы подготовили для вас ответы на все самые важные вопросы, связанные с первыми месяцами после рождения вашего ребенка.