„It’s great when you can
                       benefit from
               the experience

                      of others.“

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NUK Little Books

valuable tips for your new life ahead

NUK Little Book „Pregnancy“ PDF Icon

We want you to have a good “gut feeling” from the beginning. The NUK Little Book “Pregnant” takes you through the 40 exciting weeks of your pregnancy.
Here you can find tips from your antenatal checks, up to the birth and the postnatal period.

NUK Little Book „Pregnancy“

NUK Little Book „Breastfeeding“ PDF Icon

Breastfeeding is the best for you and your child. In the NUK Little Book “Breastfeeding” you get tips and advice which are to help you be able to enjoy this wonder of nature with your child. Find out everything about breast milk, ways to breastfeed and the everyday routine of breastfeeding at home.

NUK Little Book „Breastfeeding“

NUK Little Book „Feeding“ PDF Icon

So that after breastfeeding feeding remains natural and healthy too, we have compiled in the NUK Little Book “Eating” valuable tips all to do with a baby’s nutrition in the first year. The topics extend from the right milk formula up to recipes from which you can very easily cook pureed food for your baby yourself.

NUK Little Book „Feeding“

NUK Little Book „Mouth & Teeth“ PDF Icon

There is nothing lovelier than happy children’s laughter. So that it stays that way, parents should take care of their children’s dental hygiene right from the start. The NUK Little Book, “Mouth & Teeth”, explains what to look out for when it comes to healthy teeth, mouth and jaw development.

NUK Little Book „Mouth & Teeth“

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